Vivo Barefoot - Living Architecture




since 2012


Terraplana Store Vienna


Gerry Miller (Conception, Art Direction, Compositing)
Alexander Kvasnicka (3D Modelling & Animation)
Adi Markusich(2D/3D Animation)
Andreas Holzinger (Motion Graphics)
Audio Device (Sound)
Sabine Korlath (Technical Setup)
Glenn Bristol (Documentation)

:: Background information

The shop has a very individual shop design, which focuses on a clean and harmonic appearance – the product itself is the star, rather than just another well-designed advertisement.

In 2010 Roland¬† Kuehne (CEO of Keen Fashion) was searching for an interesting concept to put in his shop for the evening hours. Window shopping at night, or simply “nightshopping“, in his opinion has become increasingly important, so we put our heads together and unleashed “Living Architecture“.

In 2012 the store changed their product portfolio and is now offering “Vivo Barefoot” shoe-wear. To highlight the new brand, the concept “Vivo Structure” has been created.


:: idea / Task / content


MOTIONLAB was assigned to create a new unique Media Installation for the Terraplana Store Vienna. Compared to the 1st mapping installation in the shop, “Living Architecture¬†- 1st Intervention“, we focused this time on the new brand “Vivo Barefoot”. The goal was again, to set the shop on stage in a unique way by grabbing the attention of Vienna’s wandering crowds and then casting a spell on them.

This time we created a unique structure based on the CI of the brand. This structure was individually developed into the existing architecture, to fit perfectly via see-through areas or “windows”. So it could be considered as a kind of framework, where you can, on demand, exchange the content behind the structure, thereby making it quite flexible for the future.



The content consists of 3 Chapters: “Something Will Happen“, “Living Structure” and “Explore the Boots“.
Chapter 1 deals with the mysterious date “21-12-2012″. Many apocalyptic prophecies, end of world theories, natural disaster or WW3 hypotheses are supposed to happen on or around this date. We will see. There definitely is a special galactic constellation, so we focused on that (which by the way, was something that the Mayans already knew about a few thousand years ago).
Chapter 2 deals with the brand. Surprisingly the brand lands on Earth on the 21-12-2012 and awakes our structure to life.
Chapter 3: It’s “Promotion-Time”. Happy people running through the wilderness – of course in vivo barefoot shoe wear. The background video (video behind the structure) comes from the Vivo Barefoot Company.



This video installation has been set on stage via Mapping technology. This allows us to identify the different projection areas and straighten them correctly.  This means the projection acts like a second skin above the geometry, independent from the projection angle or position. This is necessary for the texturing of individual objects and makes it possible to create visual illusions.

Terraplana Store Vienna, Neubaugasse 12-14, 1070 Wien

50% SALE on the Vernissage Eve !

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