:: in imagery we trust

M O T I O N L A B was founded 2005 by Gerry Miller to acumulate power and skills for visual art projects and to create an open lab for visual experiments. Coming out from Vienna’s VJ and Visual Artist scene, we were involved in different community projects like VJ Lab, Equaleyes, Visualist in Daba or Zero Port. Since then we have developed our skills steadily, expanded the team and network and developed our own visual grammar.

The fascination for imagery and how they can touch people’s emotions amd influence their moods is our steady companion. Creating different kinds of visual experiences keeps our mind in motion and enable us autonomy from certain hardware. Creative appeal coincides with the technical challenge of composing unconventional set and content designs.

With our artworks we try to allow people to forget their ordinary senses and dive into lights, colours and geometry, recognizing the room itself as part of the moment.

:: motionlab core

:: GERRY HAHN (aka Gerry Miller)

  • Art Direction
  • Conceptual Design
  • Setup Design

:: SABINE KORLATH (aka Miss Moneypenny)

  • Project Logistic
  • Technical Direction
  • Stage Managment

:: GLENN BRISTOL (aka Glenneroo) :: weblink

  • Photography
  • Time-lapse
  • Software Engineering


  • 3D Supervision
  • 3D Animation
  • Dynamics

:: MARKUS BEISCHLAGER (aka Markus Blender)

  • Member of Honour

:: ANDREAS LAMPL (aka Hector Graffik)

  • Member of Honour


:: motionlab freelance core

:: Mag.art Michael Koch

  • Illustration

:: B.A. Franziska Staube

  • Illustration

:: Alexander Kvasnicka (SAE Dipl)

  • 3D Modelling

:: B.A. Adi Markusich

  • 2D/3D Animation

:: Christoph Steiner (SAE Dipl)

  • 2D/3D Animation

:: Andreas Holzinger (SAE Dipl)

  • Motion Graphics

:: Michael Mandl (SAE Dipl)

  • Motion Graphics

:: Mag.(FH) Stefan Salcher

  • Motion Graphics

:: Mag.(FH) Markus Wagner

  • Motion Graphics

:: Dieter Frauenlob (SAE Dipl)

  • Motion Graphics
  • Documentation

:: Tobias Müller (a.D.)

  • Motion Graphics
  • Web Development


:: Network philosophy

M O T I O N L A B believes in the power of a team with strong competences in visual art, design, sound, programming and technology. We like the exchange with artists, designers, engineers and individualists from different sectors and enjoy working with them on cross media projects.

Furthermore a wide spread network of hardware suppliers is obsolete. Progress is strong and fast in this sector and every project has its individual needs, requirements and solutions.

A well structured network gives us the possibility to choose the most useful option and bundle forces at point of time.