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Donau Bar ::weblink


special thanks to:
Dr. Flash and Novemba (Slides)


Gerry Miller (Conception, Art Direction, Content Producing)
Glenn Bristol (Content Producing)
Sabine Korlath (Technical Direction)
Markus Blender (Technical Execution)

:: Background information

The Donau Bar is simultaneously one of Vienna’s most traditional and freshest locations. The special architecture (the location is a former Jewish synagogue), the slide projections, the stuck or painted messages, the electronic music and the steady refusal of advertisement and product placement by the owners creates a unique and very special atmosphere. It is a melting pot of creativity and participation to which there is no end in sight.

:: idea / Task / content

MOTIONLAB was assigned to bring some imagery movement to the famous Donau bar. The focus was not to destroy the unique atmosphere but instead to bring fresh wind in the location and round out the visual appearance. A permanent video installation should be created which could be used both as standalone application and in combination with the 360 degrees slide projections by Marcus Zobl, or even as a punctual highlight.

Furthermore the installation should lay the foundations for other video artists to be invited to participate and place their work in a very uncomplicated and flexible way. The project was planned in several modules – consisting in the final module of a powerful multimedia-server (for high quality video streams) and an easy to use control & upload unit. A special designed GUI with preset maker, playlists & scheduler shall make it easy to use for people with low or no experiences with such media systems or even computers.

Beside the conception, planning and technical realization, MOTIONLAB delivered also a “Starter-Kit” of Media Content. MOTIONLAB produced 7 hours multiscreen video content divided into 7 main topics/themes – created using several techniques and individual production processes – to increase the flexibility of the location concerning visual appearance, atmosphere and ambience.

The media starter-kit consists of 7 compilations: Aqua, Dakro, Geospace, In Focus, In Time, Patchwork and Trapform.

Picture taken at the  screening for the client.

Content Compilation “Dakro” showing dance & acrobatic elements – rearranged in a fresh visual style.

Content Compilation “Gesopace” showing abstract 3D worlds.

Content Compilation “Patchwork” – it’s all about moving patterns.

Content Compilation “Trapform” – points, lines, grids…

Content Compilation “In Focus” is a picture slideshow of nature…

… and people.

Content Compilation “In Time” – Timelapse movies  in nature, city and urban space.

Content Compilation “Aqua” – better u can swim… ;-)