Living Architecture @ Terraplana Store Vienna


Media Installation


since 2010


Keen Fashion: Terraplana Store Vienna


Gerry Miller (Conception, Art Direction, 3D Animation)
Sabine Korlath (3D Modelling)
Tobsen Mueller (2D/3D Animation)
Audio Device (Sound)
Antony Raijekov (Monitoring, Automation)
Glenn Bristol (Documentation)

:: Background information

Keen Fashion offers exclusive Terraplana and United Nude shoe-wear. The shop has a very individual shop design, which focuses on a clean and harmonic appearance – the product itself is the star, rather than just another well-designed advertisement.

Roland  Kuehne (CEO of Keen Fashion) was searching for an interesting concept to put in his shop for the evening and night hours.  Window shopping at night, or simply “nightshopping“, in his opinion has become increasingly important, so we put our heads together and unleashed Living Architecture.


:: idea / Task / content

MOTIONLAB was assigned to create a unique Media Installation for the Terraplana Store Vienna. The goal was to set the shop on stage in a unique way; to grab the attention of Vienna’s wandering crowds and to then cast a spell on them.

Far away from typical shop designs at night (such as putting screens in a shop-window and playing image clips of the brand in a loop), we instead played with the existing interior and architecture – the room itself is the highlight. Room for exploration, room for inspiration, room for interpretation – room for living.

Mapping technology allows us to identify the different projection areas and straighten them correctly.  This means the projection acts like a second skin above the geometry, independent from the projection angle or position. This is necessary for the texturing of individual objects and creating our unique visual illusions.

Besides conception, planning and technical realization, MOTIONLAB is also delivering the content for this installation. The first chapter, 1st Intervention, deals with the exploration of the room by playing with it’s borders. The limits of the existing architecture are extended by using virtual additions via concentrated use of light and shadow. Does it reveal hidden corners of the room? Or is your eye just being tricked by something that isn’t really there? The border between reality and virtuality becomes quickly blurred, leaving the viewer with multiple versions of reality. Are you able to discern between real and not?

Terraplana Store Vienna, Neubaugasse 12-14, 1070                      Test pattern to check the straightened projection areas

Picture from the first chapter 1st Intervention:  Scanning the room, detecting the room and its geometry…

Exploring (hidden) parts of the room…                                                              …and reusing them.

Highlighting visible and non-visible elements offers another version of reality…

The limits of the existing architecture are extended by using virtual additions via concentrated use of light and shadow….

Installation was running daily from Dezember 2010 – April 2011 @ 20:00 – 01:30 / Terraplana Store / Neubaugasse 12-14 / 1070 Vienna