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Mobile Company “Drei”


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Jan Lauth (Idea)
Gerry Miller (Project leading, VJ)
Markus Blender (VJ)
Tobias Stanzl (Programming)
Sue Sellinger (Cut)

:: Background information

The “Equaleyes” events were produced by Vienna’s VJ and Visual Artist community and give resident artists the possibility to show their work in one of Austria’s high culture institution – the MuseumsQuartier(MQ) in Vienna.

These events were also a playground for new ways of sponsoring. Product Placement does not occassionaly mean putting a logo in huge dimension right in front of the eyes of the potential customer. We thought there must be smarter ways to place your message.

In 2005 video mobiles were relatively new and therefore the following concept was created…

:: 15 minutes of Fame

This video installation was created for the mobile company “Drei”. Based on the ideas of the Equaleyes Community, MOTIONLAB conceived and executed this interactive project. Random audience members (party-goers) were shot using video mobile phones, then those videos were immediately implemented and mixed real-time into the visual show to the beat of the music.

The particular of this installation is that party-goers are not just passive consumer of visuals, instead they can be a part of the show, sharing their emotions, thoughts and mood.

Video mobiles were used to shoot short clips from and by the party audience.

According to the topic of the event “Analoge Nacht” (analog night) we used as a first layer graphics of slide projectors, turntables, commection diagrams and so on…