Electronic Shadow


Interactive Video Installation




Lange Nacht der Museen




VJ Scarab (Conception, Camera Setup)
Gerry Miller (MX50 Setup, VJ)
HNS (Slides)

:: Background information

Once a year the ‘Long Night of Museums’ takes place in Vienna. Nearly every museum is then open through the night and there are special exhibitions and cultural events throughout the city. The “Electronic Shadow” Installation was seen in 2005 in the MuseumsQuartier, Vienna.

:: idea / Task / content

Based on the idea of the Equaleyes artist pool, this live feedback installation was created. Upon the idea of “I was here” the audience should have the possibility to join the visuals . By entering this installation you could influence the visual output, became a star on screen and leave your electronic shadow…

The live feed from 2 cameras were affected and mixed up by hard- and software effects to the beat of the music.