Urban Art Forms Festival 2010


Live Visuals




UAF Productions


Gerry Miller (Art Direction, Content Production, VJ)
Miss Moneypenny (VJ)
Markus Blender (VJ)
Tobsen Mueller (Content Production)
Glenn Bristol (Documentation)

:: Background information

The Urban Art Froms Festival is one of europe’s biggest festivals for electronic dance music and visuals. 3 days of non-stop entertainment on six stages with heaps of leading artists from the electronic music scene.


:: Live Visuals & Mapping Design Mainstage

After the fabulous show in  2006, MOTIONLAB is back on the mainstage of the UAF.  This year’s stage setup consisted mainly of a big LED wall in the background and about 40 cubes on the stage itself.  The cubes could then be highlighted by light or by projection using mapping technology.

MOTIONLAB’s airtime – again with Adam Freeland

MOTIONLAB joined the topic “it’s all about cubes” in the beginning…

and raise the complexity…

and drive during the act till the sun comes out in the early morning…