Urban Art Forms Festival 2006


Multiscreen Live Visuals




UAF Productions


Gerry Miller (Art Direction, Content Production, VJ)
Miss Moneypenny (VJ)
Markus Blender (VJ)
Glenn Bristol (Documentation)

:: Background information

The Urban Art Froms Festival is one of Europe’s biggest festivals for electronic dance music and visuals. 3 days of non-stop entertainment on six stages with heaps of leading artists from the electronic music scene.



This was our first MULTISCREEN live visual show ever. The most special part of the set design was the so-called ”maschine360”. 8 Screens, formed to an octagon, mounted on the main floor above the crowd.

MOTIONLAB played mainly a so called “Tripple Screen Setup” (content resolution: 2160×576 pixels). 6 (frame synchronized) streams where mixed up in realtime by 3 midi triggered Edirol V4′s to the beat of the music.

We visualized the DJ set of Adam Freeland, making the masses move…

The crowd (over 4.000 people!) freaked totally out… The vibes were amazing and incomparable!

The one and only – Mr. Adam Freeland.