Vienna Allstars play for Scheibosan


Multiscreen Live Visuals






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Gerry Miller (VJ)
Miss Moneypenny (VJ)
Glenn Bristol (VJ)
Andi Lampl (VJ)

:: Background information

Scheibosan is a doyen of the Vienna DJ scene. In 2007 he was life-threateningly ill and due to some reason he wasn’t insured at the time. To make it possible for Scheibosan to start rehab and restart his life with his family, the Vienna club scene organized a benefit performance for him to collect money.

Nobody had to be asked twice and so the party “Vienna Allstars play for Scheibosan” took place and because so many people took part it was an incredible success. A real story with happy end!

:: Celebrating for good cause

MOTIONLAB accompanied the live-acts and Djs with a dualscreen live visuals setup on the mainstage. 8 hours of fine tunes on 2 floors, accompanied by an incredible crowd and the cause made this night truly unforgettable.

The line up can be exhibited.. ;-) 25 live-acts and Djs played for free!

Live on stage: I-Wolf

Live on stage: Shanti Roots

Live on stage: Joyce Muniz

Drinking for a good cause…

On the decks: Mr.Rob (Club Vortex)