Video Installation




Gerry Miller (Conception, Content, 3D Design)
Glenn Bristol (Photography)

:: Background information

Video installations are becoming more and more common-place. Perhaps it is due to the flexibility of visual appearance and the power of visual content – transporting messages, feelings, thoughts or emotions.  Nowadays there are many implementations of screens in furniture – maybe one of the most common use is at bars (counter).

:: Multiscreen in practice

We thought about how boring it is, standing in front of a bar, waiting for the waitress to bring you a drink. These times are gone! Entertain your guests with MOTIONLAB multiscreen content. The 6-screen-bar is a 3D visualization of a bar with 6 screens implemented.

The content shown in the video is widespread, to demonstrate that different types of media (3D animations, motion graphics, time-lapse movies, photos,…) can be used, and how each of them affects the viewer. It is also possible to produce digital signage or create branding footage, to the requirements of the client and the audience.