360 degree Lounge


Video Installation




Gerry Miller (Conception, 3D Design)
Glenn Bristol (Photographs)

:: Background information

Imagine a place where the visual environment can catch and engulf you. Imagine that there are not individual small screens, instead there is one massive screen 360 degrees around you. Imagine that you can walk around there and explore different views. Imagine that there is additionally a well designed sound scape and imagine that the imagery is slightly moving and gives you the feeling that the room itself is moving – then you may get an idea about the impression being in a well designed visual floor.

:: 360 degree Experience

The 360 degree lounge is a kind of concept for extraordinary visual floor design. It is a 3D visualization of a round room, a mirrored ceiling and seamless projections around. The idea was to create a projection concept which can generate extraordinary experiences.

Potentially a very interesting media installation for lounges, lobbies, restaurants or entertainment rooms at cruise liners – of course with individual content solutions.

360 degree panoramas guide you through cities, landscapes or abstract worlds. Become involved in fascinating scenery and see the different faces of planet earth. Feel the sun on your skin in Newport Beach/California or amble through the streets of Vienna/Austria.