Media Art


since 2011


Gerry Miller (Idea, Concept)
Miss Moneypenny (Concept, Project Lead, Construction)
The Glory 93 (Construction)
Franziska Straube (Construction)
Glenneroo (Documentation)

:: Background information

“In the summer time, when the weather is fine…” what are people doing? They hang out in nature, parks or urban spaces till late in the evening. Especially in Vienna, most people enjoy the rare, fine and warm weather. They are outside more often, there are many more open air events  and people seem to be friendlier and generally more happy. In July and August, public life take place outside. The Question is, what can we do to inspire, surprise, dare, escape and catch them?

We thought about something which would be easy to transport and install. A kind of sculpture which is illuminated. Perhaps some kind of animals which suddenly populate an area, like an invasion. An invasion of an unknown population, come to Earth in peace…

:: IDEA / Concept

As we thought about this invasion of the unknown population, it was clear that the sculptures have to be light, easy to handle and transport, run independent of the power grid, yet be a size that people can see from far away and instantly become attracted to it.

We wanted to combine familiar, known elements with something new, or something known but interpreted in our way so that the known element is a kind of gateway for people passing by, thus delivering a new interpretation which grabs their attention. Furthermore it would be cool to make it easy to produce without the need for specialized knowledge, like Keith Haring’s philosophy: “You can do it on your own. Do it yourself!” We want to add: The world is a construction kit.

Months ago we came in contact with the endless universe of paper folding techniques. It attracted our attention as we found it fascinating to start from a single piece of plain paper and by following certain folding principles, forming a 2- or 3 dimensional object out of it. Although at that time we played mostly around with geometrical patterns and abstract geometric objects, Origami was already in our mind. This reduction of body and form, without loosing its typical appearance or characteristic that you already know it’s a bird, a swan, a pig, whatever… is something really fascinating.

At this point we have found our basic element: Origami-animals. Following one of our principles: “BIG IS BEAUTIFUL”, we decided to build animals in life-size. We choose animals, which are legendary creatures or at least stand for certain characteristics. Fables are deeply intertwined in our language. Often we use certain animals to describe or underline certain human characteristics, such as “smart as a fox”, “lazy as a pig” or “crazy as a monkey”. We liked the idea that the sculptures may inspire such thoughts, associations or emotions.

The glowing wires which are attached to the edges creates a new interpretation for the viewer. It has something futuristic and sci-fi-like, as if they came from outer space. It seems they have an unknown, pure and clean form of energy which makes them glow. But what are they doing here? Where are they come from? What do they want?
We don’t have a clear answer to this questions. The real question is: What are YOU doing here?

In the end, the project is a kind of search or a trace – mainly of yourself and the world around you, if you will allow it to be. The project title underlines this intention: TR.ON stands for TRace ON, a special “debug” code in the computer programming language “BASIC”. ORIGAMI comes from ori meaning “folding”, and kami(gami) meaning “paper”.





The biggest problem concerning the material was, that it had to be foldable, big enough and at same time thick and stable enough to stay in folden position. Finally, we have found our solution in a special PVC paper, 0.2mm thick, 1.41g/cm3 weight, sold in the size of 140x100cm.

The EL wire technology gets our attraction as we made research for another project. It is a special wire with phosphor inside and phosphor illuminates if set under electricity. In days of RGB LED technology everywhere, the EL wires seems to be a little bit “oldschool”. Time to say: we love oldschool!

The main materials: every sculpture consists of 1 piece of paper and 1 electroluminescent wire.

First we had to make many small models to become accustomed to origami technique and understand how to scale the models to create life-size sculptures.

After finishing the folding, we defined the edges which should be highlighted and attached wire to the sculpture with special glue. Read more on the  CONSTRUCTION page…





Finally, after being born and living a few weeks in the atelier, the TR.ON ORIGAMIs started to explore their environment. Nature. Fredom. Fresh air.
The sculptures at their first outdoor adventure in waiting position. Waiting is half of life, isn’t it?


If you want to see high resolution pictures of the illuminated sculptures, please download “TR.ON ORIGAMI GalleryBook.pdf” (right cklick, save target as…)




























































TR.ON ORIGAMI can be booked for festivals, exhibitions or events. Usually the sculptures can be set on stage within a few hours. They come with an independent power supply and can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations. If you are interested in renting the sculptures, you can download a fact sheet with detailed information and requirements here – coming soon!