20 years VCÖ


Multiscreen Video Content & Live Regie




VCÖ (Verkehrsclub Östereich)


message – the inspiration company


Gerry Miller (Conception, Art Direction, Content Producing)
Glenn Bristol (Content Production)
David J Nolan (Editing  Image Clip)
Sabine Korlath (Technical Direction)

:: Background information

VCÖ celebrates its 20 year anniversary at Palmenhaus in Vienna.

The VCÖ was founded in 1988. It’s the principal organisation in Austria working for environmentally sustainable, socially just, and economically efficient mobility.

Mobility and transport are key issues in today’s world. People’s personal mobility is shrinking, while traffic problems are growing. Casualties of these developments are frequently human health, the environment and quality of life. Therefore the field of transport offers us the chance to solve many of society’s environmental, social and economic problems.

[Source: www.vcoe.at]

:: idea / Task / content

MOTIONLAB was assigned to do the projection design, content design based on the existing CI, create several multiscreen clips, and to do the execution on the event itself with speakers, interviews, teasers and multiscreen content.

The Palmenhaus in Vienna in the light of MOTIONLAB.

Multiscreen logo loop, based on the existing CI.

Screenshot of the multscreen MAZ “20 years VCÖ”

Instead of a 08/15 picture slideshow, we produced a kind of 3D picture-frame-grid to handle the big amount of images. The camera movements ensure that it won’t be boring and delivers a little bit of 3-dimensional feeling.

Screenshot of the picture loop. Original Resolution: 2160×576 pixels

Another multscreen clip shows headlines of different newspapers regarding the VCÖ. The headlines were scanned and then prepared in the style of the CI.

As a part of the celebration, audio interviews were played. For this, MOTIONLAB produced visual clips with slowly moving background patterns and the most important statements were faded in to highlight them.