2 years Net.Culture.Lab


Multiscreen Video Content & Live Regie




Net.Culture.Lab (Telekom Austria)


Gerry Miller (Conception, Art Direction, Content Producing)
Glenn Bristol (Content Production)
Markus Blender (Video Operator)

:: Background information

The Net.Culture.Lab is an innovation initiation by Telekom Austria. At the 2 year celebration of the innovation labs for net culture, present achievements and achieved goals were celebrated. The results of the idea competition were presented and new planes were introduced.

:: idea / Task / content

MOTIONLAB was assigned to do the projection design, content design based on the existing CI and the execution on the event itself with speakers, presentations, teasers and multiscreen content.

3 midi triggered Edirol V4 and a frame synchronized mediaserver makes it possible to play multiscreen video content on time.

Native resolution of the produced Content: 2160×576 pixel

The list of lecturers – a who is who of the Net Culture Lab.

Videos and slideshows were shown – implemented in the CD.