KURIER goes Oberösterreich








Gerry Miller (Art Direction)
Sabine Korlath (Technical Direction Slides)
Glenn Bristol (Documentation)

:: Background information

As a successor institution to the New Gallery of the City of Linz, the Lentos Kunstmuseum, which opened in 2003, is considered one of the most important museums of modern and contemporary art in Austria.

The large panorama windows (with a view of the Danube) and the concrete walls give this space an open and discreet atmosphere.

:: idea / Task / content

Kurier – one of the most well-known Austrian newspapers tries to expand their market in Upper Austria. Under the topic “Kurier goes Oberösterreich”, an event took place where a new insert for the Upper Austrian newspaper edition was presented.  This insert contains local information about politics, economy, sports, culture, career, society, chronicle and estate.

MOTIONLAB created a 360 degree slide installation in the foyer and a widescreen slide projection in the auditorium.

As we were working on the concept for the content, we asked ourselves, what does our client stand for, or, in general what do we expect from an independent newspaper? Independent journalism, for us, has something to do with investigating topics – find a topic, research, investigate, examine, shine light in the darkness, recognize that things stand in relation to each other and in the end, maybe break up the surface and see what is underneath…

All these thoughts inspired us for our artwork, which fit to the corporate design of our client to achieve an harmonic impression.

The foyer of Lentos (Museum of Modern Art Linz) – very high rooms, large panorama windows, concrete walls.