DerStandard Karrieren-Gala








Gerry Hahn (Art Direction, Compositing, Coloration)
Sabine Korlath (Co-Art Direction, Technical Direction Slides)
Franziska Straube (Illustration)
Markus Liszt (Technical Execution Slides)
Glenn Bristol (Documentation)

:: Background information

The traditional branch event of “Der Standard”, called “Karrieren-Gala”, took place this year in the Semperdepot, Vienna. A meet and greet of HR managers, recruiters, heads of important educational institutions and training managers, all in one of Vienna’s most impressive locations.

The Semperdepot was built in 1874 – 1877 by architect Gottfried Semper (after whom it is named) and Carl von Hasenauer. It served as depot and production facility for theatrical scenery and backdrops. Today it is the studio building of the Academy of Fine Arts and can be rented for special events.

:: idea / Task / content

MOTIONLAB was assigned to do a slide installation, which deals with this year’s topic: “Lebenslust” (“lust for life”). The “Big Picture” should escape the audience into an extraordinary, “joyful life” scenery and complete the lush floor concept by IT’Z PROJECTS.

Lust for life – on one hand is a very open, wideranging topic – on the other hand a very precise emotion. After diverse brainstorming sessions we determined the cornerstones: lush vegetation and nature, water as a source of life, playing with proportions (e.g. over-sized fruits and flowers), unusual, partly surreal activities and behaviors of humans and animals in the scenery.

Our goal was to take known elements (e.g. real animals or humans) and arrange and transform them in a way that a new world is created which has its own rules and laws and is therefore consistent and credible.

Furthermore, we dealt with the issue that “lust for life” is always something energetic. It’s not like lying passively on the couch and staring at a white wall, rather it implies to be in action and to tackle things which are fun. We implemented many of these types of things, which are quite dynamic e.g. the badminton scene, dancing ballet women, acrobatic guys, running kids, skipping kids, kids sliding  on the elephant into the water, the butterfly water-ski scene, the big fish diving out of the water and so on.
Another aspect of “lust for life” is to enjoy something deliberately e.g. calmly reading the newspaper, listening to music, taking a sunbath on a butterfly boat or having a picnic. We tried to show the different aspects of “lust for life” based on some exemplary scenes.

Finally, saturated with strong colors, created with rough splatter and brush techniques complete the imagery and give it an additional powerful touch.

In the end we came up with 270 m² of lush scenery, full of life, joy, a spatter of humor combined with irony with of course a touch of freakiness… check it out!

The “Ausstellungsraum” in Vienna’s Semperdepot – impressive 700m² footprint, 6 meter-high room and massive column architecture.

Big is beautiful!  A slide panorama projection in the size of 45m x 6m. Topic: “lust for life”.

View from the entrance. Approx. 500 guests enjoyed a successful evening.

Hmmmm! It’s yummy time… Do&Co spoiled the guests with various delicious foods.

The tarsier reads a “DerStandard” newspaper, unimpressed by the colorful float.

The Playground. Wouldn’t it be cool if “badminton” worked this way in real life too?

Kids and their living waterslide – you can always rely on “Pinki”!

One of the highlights – the fish concert scenery…

By the way, very nice decoration and master plan by IT’Z PROJECTS.

Ranger Dan and the jungle beauty enjoy a picnic at the tiger’s place.