Live Performance




Verein Kultur Vernetzung NOE


Emanuel Andel
Andreas Haider


Gerry Miller (Conception, VJ)
Hektor Graphic (VJ)
Glenneroo (Documentation)

:: Background information

Once a year the “Niederoesterreichische 1/4 Festival” take place. It is one of the biggest cultural events in Austria with nearly 50.000 visitors, nearly 90 projects and about 250 individual events.

“Marmor.macht.Ton.macht.Bild” was one of them and took place near Wr.Neustadt in Lower Austria at a very special location – a huge marble quarry. This was one of MOTIONLAB’s LandArt projects.

:: idea / Task / content

After the performance of Emanuel Andel and Andreas Haider, MOTIONLAB assumed the course and projected a huge multiscreen visual (approx. 27m x10m) on the unique surface. Mainly structures, patterns and light sequences were produced, which were crawling over the marble to the beat of the music.

Being in the middle of nowhere with fantastic nature surrounding, completed by impressive audio-visual performances created a very unique atmosphere.

This is what we would call  w-i-d-s-c-r-e-e-n … ;-)

A wonderful red marmor board was the projection surface.