Light Graffiti


Open Lab


since 2009


Glenn Bristol (Idea, Photography, Production)
Jessika Ropponen (Idea, Photography, Production)
and many other helping hands! Thanks guys!

:: Background information

Light painting has been around almost as long as cameras with long shutter speeds. It is a facet of photography in which light appears to be painted on top of images. Without doubt this is a striking form of photography that creates remarkable images full of colour and design.  Most famously, Pablo Picasso experimented in this art already in the 1920s! But the actual simplicity behind creating light graffiti allows people worldwide, of all ages and different skill levels to try it. It is definitely a lot of fun!

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NO PHOTOSHOP HERE FOLKS! 100% real pictures. That’s the fascinating thing about it. A camera, timed exposure and some coloured lights and it seems that you can paint directly in the air…