Solar Tree Timelapse


Timelapse Movie




MAK (Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art Vienna)


Gerry Miller (Production Management)
Glenn Bristol (Timelapse Technology, Editing)
Sabine Korlath (Timelapse Operator)

:: Background information

Solar Tree is a solar-powered street lighting system designed by Ross Lovegrove for the MAK (Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art) in Vienna. The lighting has been engineered by Artemide in collaboration with Sharp Solar.

The SOLAR TREES communicate more than light… they communicate the trust of placing beautifuly made, complex natural forms outside for the benefit of all of society, becoming a museum folded inside out; a museum as an incubator of change in society… and with this the promotion of environmental science and the joy of the new aesthetics, made possible by the digital process.

[Source: http://www.myninjaplease.com/green/?p=855]


MOTIONLAB was assigned by the MAK to do a documentary video in HD of the construction of the “SOLAR TREE”. The movie was shown on the international press conference at the opening of the exhibition as well as on a public HD screen installation besides the object, in front of the MAK.