Munich Mesh Up






Der Kongress


Neon Golden


Gerry Miller & Stefan Kainbacher (Conception & Realization)

:: Background information

“Mesh Up” is a mixture of the word “Mesh” and the term “Mash up”.¬† “Mesh” comes out from 3D computer graphics and and stands for a collection of vertices, edges and faces that defines the shape of a polyhedral object. “Mash up” comes out from the music scene and stands for a song or compostion created by blending two or more songs, usually by overlaying the vocal track of one song seamleslly over the music track of another.

The artwork is called “Mesh Up” due to the fact that the main object of the sujet is a polygon mesh and is created by 2 artists – completely different characters with different skills and backgrounds – Gerry Miller & Stefan Kainbacher.

:: idea / Task / content

Gerry Miller, together with Stefan Kainbacher (Neon Golden), were assigned to develop a slide installation for the 10 years Bpitch.Control celebration party in Regisratur in Munich. On one hand, a visual language was needed to represent the label’s electronic music style; and on the other, the development and dramaturgy of a party night should be made visible. For this we created a timeline orientated 10 step picture sequence – an explosion of electronic vibes and emotions – developed to be shown on 450 square metres.

Phase 2

Phase 5

Phase 9

A sample of the Mesh Up, called “Taktochon”

Another¬† sample of the “Mesh Up” was seen at the 10 years B.Pitch Control celebration party (Regisratur Munich).