60 seconds of Thrill


Multiscreen Showreel






Gerry Miller (Compositing, Content Production)
David J Nolan (Editing)
Audiodevice (Sound)

:: Background information

“60 seconds of Thrill” gives a short overview of content production for multi-screen applications. The focus is to create new abstract 3D worlds with a powerful visual language. By intelligent use of camera positions and movements, the viewer has a feeling of being right there instead of simply observing. Dive into tunnels, fly over surfaces, explore geometric systems, follow a space worm….to make a long story short: fasten your seatbelts!


The video shows cut-outs from Motionlab Multiscreen Compositions from 2006-2008. Native Resolution: 2880×576 pixel;

Tracklist (cutouts):
01.”gold ocean” / 02. “matrix linear” / 03.”yellow dotwave” / 04. “logo loop” / 05.”dragon trail FB” / 06.”box invasion” / 07.”golden cave” / 08.”longspline” / 09.”origami trash” / 10.”ivy FB” / 11.”abstract poly” / 12.”space balls dance” / 13. ”lavaworm trio” / 14.”swiss cheese”