Body Projection




Special thanks to the models Angela and Ulli, as well as the Fenfire crew for their support.


Gerry Miller (Conception, Humanology Lyrics)
Sabine Korlath (Humanology Lyrics)
Glenn Bristol (Documentation)
Maria Porsch (Documentation)
Markus Liszt (Documentation)

:: Background information

A new life is born – what expectations do we have? Which emotions and thoughts control our mind? Do we understand that life runs in cycles and that living consists of many details which we will never be able to explore, understand or control?

This experimental body projection on a mother-to-be deals with these questions and tries to free our minds from fear of the unknown.


Fractals were used as main subject for this free art project because of their self-similarity, the infinity in themselves and their wide range of appearances. They stand for the endless questions we have, the endless details that life is including the endless different paths one may take during a lifetime.

The attempt to answer some of these questions results in the “Humanology” lyrics.


we will watch u, clean u and domesticate u
feed u, care u, dress – undress u
we will touch u, smell u, taste and hear u
teach u, train u, raise – break u


we will rate u, hide u and re -present u
check u, buy u, host and leave u
we will enterain u, bore u and mistake u
love u, hate u, like – dislike u


we will make u, fake u and adore u
clone u, freeze u and rewake u
take u, put u, place – replace u
recognize u, know u and forget u.